Posted on by Ali Aghapour

Our masterpiece rug collection is one of the finest in Australia. We carry handmade rugs from the most famous weaving houses in Persia. Finer quality handmade rugs are usually made from wool and silk combination or pure silk material. Workmanship in masterpiece rugs are finer than normal city or tribal rugs. KPSI (knots per square inch) of these rugs could be anywhere between 300-800 and what we call pin-point quality. One way of knowing a masterpiece rug from others is to look at the back of the rug. You usually can see the pattern clearly from the back of a masterpiece rug. You also can count the knots by a ruler on the back of the rug, in that case if you can see/count at least 1 knot per millimeter then it is a good indication of superfine weave. Masterpiece rugs are usually from cities of Qum that is renowned for pure silk rugs, Isfahan rugs which are normally wool and silk on silk, Nain rugs and Tabriz rugs which are wool and silk. I would consider Bijar rugs to be some of the finest wool rugs ever made and probably one of the few village rugs that would make it to this category. We also should mention Silk Hereke rugs from Turkey Which are some of the best rugs ever produced and perhaps the most expensive, however it is hard to find a genuine Hereke silk rug as most of the them are now made in China.