Posted on by Ali Aghapour

Amazing Collection Handmade Rug in Perth

We are the Handmade Rug Specialist in Perth. Above all we pride ourselves to have the best selection of handmade rugs in Australia. I have read in a book that falling in love with Persian rugs is an incurable disease. I also couldn’t say it any better myself. Every morning I can’t wait to get to the store and enjoy the beauty of each individual rug.

I feel I was born to rug and I am so passionate when it comes to finding the right carpet for a client. We also will go out of our way to satisfy our customers. We rely heavily on word of mouth and we are blessed to be recommended to new buyers every day.

This is not another pop up shop, quick liquidation auction nor a closing down sale. I am a fourth generation carpet trader. I have been involved in this business since my childhood and I intend to stay here for many years to come.

Our family individually hand select each rug from weavers, traders & collectors all around the world and bring it to Australia. If we don’t fall in love with a piece it won’t make to our showroom.

All our rugs are guaranteed handmade and of natural fiber. Never the less the collection Includes Wool rugs, Silk Rugs and combination of both. Also City Rugs from Kashan, Birjand, Tabriz, Silk Qom, Silkinlaid Nain, Silk Base Isfahan, Tree of life design Kashmar. Last but least Tribal and Village rugs from Nahavand, Tuserkan, Kurdish Bijar, Balouchi. Last but not least Hall Runners up to 6m.

Our rugs are labor of love. Also last of the Nomadic & Rural handicraft even some very fine pure silk Masterpiece Rugs signed from reputable weaving houses.

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