Posted on by Ali Aghapour

Biggest Persian Rug Sale Of The Year.

Don’t miss out on handmade rugs end of financial year clearance sale. We rather clear than count our stock. Check out our website, prices been slashed and there are some special offers for limited time only.

We are updating new handmade rugs on daily basis, over 5000 rugs, you will find one of the best selection of Persian rugs in the world. Rugs from ancient cities, tribes and villages of Persian and other parts of the world, all hand crafted and are labor of love.

We have scatter rugs in 1.2x0.8m, 1x1.5m, coffee table rugs in 2x1.5m, 2.5x1.5m, room size rugs in 3x2m, 3.5x2.5m, 4x3m and over size rugs in 5x3m, 5x3.5m and even 6x4m. Hallway runners up to 8m long and some in matching pairs.

We have a wide range of hand woven Bohemian kilim rugs in vibrant and also distress colors. Our kilim collection also comes in all different sizes up to 4x3m and also hall runners up to 6m long.

We have fine city rugs from Qum, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kashan, Nain, Mashad, Birjand, Bijar, Yazd, Ardebil, Sarough and more. The collection also includes nomadic and village rugs from Balouchistan, Luri, Shiraz, Qashqai, Hamedan, Koliai, Nahavand, Tuserkan, Azerbaijan, Quchan, Kunduz, Turkoman And more.