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Here at Persian Rug Warehouse WA, we have rug specialist ready to provide Persian rug valuation and appraisal for insurance claim or personal reasons.

Cost Of Appraisal And Valuation

The cost for written Persian rug valuation and appraisal is $80 per item.

Information We Require for Valuation

We require good quality photos of the rug from both sides. In addition, we need to know the measurement of the rug and the rough age or date of purchase.

Factors determining the valuation of the rug

1. Workmanship:

How fine the rug is woven always plays a role in determining the value of it.
Other factors are:
- Density of the weave.
- Quality of dyes and if its natural dyes all can be influential.

2. Origin:

Where the rug was made also is important.
If it is from a famous weaving province and authenticity of it.
Origin 1: By that we mean if the actual origin of the design comes from where it was woven.
For example if a Particular Persian design Such as Tabriz Fish design was made in India it can devalue the worth of the rug.

3. Rarity:

How difficult it is to replace the rug in current market. If it’s a one off design or from a place that haven’t produce carpets in recent years. If a rug is from a mass production factory and it can be easily replaced hence it’s only worth what it cost to weave it.

4. Material:

Material used can also affect the value of a rug. For instance, if made of fine Kork Wool or Silk.

5. Age:

If the rug is considered as antique and in good condition, it may worth a lot of money.
Therefore we may need more time spent to investigate the real value of your precious rug.

6. Condition:

Always look after your rug. You may have an old rug, but if it is totally worn and torn. Therefore it may not be worth a lot of money, as restoration can be very costly.

If you would like to appraise your rug, please email the details including photos to [email][/email].
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