Posted on by Ali Aghapour

We specialise in tribal rug and carpet in Perth. Above all they are individually hand picked and now on display to view and purchase in our warehouse and on our website.

I personally love Tribal rugs and I have a huge number of them in my collection.

they are the last of nomadic art woven in mountains, desert and rural areas of Iran.

They are also rare to find, usually one off design. I have never seen two nomadic rugs that were identical.

I have been told by nomadic weavers the that they don't use a drawing to weave from. The design comes from imagination of the artist and what they learnt from other weavers in the tribe. Many of the designs are inspired of their nomadic life and surrounding.

They also usually use their own sources, hand spun wool, dyes are often organic and the finish product can be enjoyed under neath your feet for many years to come.

Nomadic carpets are often in rich tones and would look great on polish floor boards, concrete or terracotta tiles.

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